All Capital Volley players are responsible for knowing the policies of Capital Volley outlined here as well as the rules of their specific sport.
Player and Team Conduct
  1. Physical or Unsportsmanlike Play: Play that is rough or overtly aggressive, taunting, or un-sportsmanlike will not be tolerated by Capital Volley.  If reports of this kind of behaviour are received, we will investigate and provide verbal and written warnings to the individuals and teams involved. After a second written warning the player and if necessary the team in question will be ejected from the league without refund and will not be welcome back.

    PLEASE NOTE: teams will be held responsible for their players' conduct. If someone on your team is behaving inappropriately, it is YOUR responsibility to keep him or her from doing so.

  2. Fighting/Punching: Instances of this behaviour will be cause for immediate expulsion for all individuals involved, whether they are the instigators or retaliating. No refund will be provided.

  1. Incidents Which Result in Loss of Permits: Any team involved with any incident that results in the loss of a permit, facility, location or field will be expelled from the league without refund.
Safety and Supervision
  1. First aid: First aid is the responsibility of the team captains and team members.  Capital Volley does not supply any first aid supplies and is not responsible for administering first aid. It is recommended that teams carry small first aid kits to deal with minor injuries.

  2. All participants must be 19 years of age or older.

    Capital Volley does not provide on site staff for supervision of leagues. All participants are adults and are expected to conduct themselves during Capital Volley activities in a safe and respectful manner. Team captains should ensure team members participate in a safe and respectful manner. 

  3. Emergency Contact List: All team captains are advised to carry a list of emergency contact numbers for players on their team. In the event of an injury/emergency, these numbers can be utilized to notify the player's family in cases where medical treatment/attention is required. Captains are also advised to include a list of hospitals with emergency room service on this page. It will take the guesswork out of situations that are stressful and time sensitive.


  5. Blood: Any player who begins to bleed during a game must leave the playing area immediately. This player cannot return to the game until the bleeding has stopped and the wound has been sufficiently covered.

  6. Cleats: cleats are not permitted in any Capital Volley leagues. 

Sports Facilities
Please respect the facilities and their staff at all times. This means:
  1.  Be courteous to staff at all times, whatever they say goes
  2. Do not leave behind any garbage and no eating in the gyms
  3. Leave gyms on time
  4. Wear non marking gym shoes
  5. Leave wet or snowy outdoor footwear in hallways outside of gyms
League Play
  1. Waivers: All players must read and accept our waiver for each league, tournament and special event they participate in. Teams and players who do not have waivers reviewed and accepted prior to the start of the season are not permitted to play.

  2. Scores: Team captains are responsible for submitting scores (or confirm scores if already updated) within 48 hours of games. Please submit scores via the Capital Volley website. Scores not reported will not appear in the standings. Unconfirmed scores will be accepted as stated by the opposition.

  3. Score Disputes: In the case of a score dispute where both teams cannot come to an agreement on the final score, Capital Volley reserves the right to make a final judgment.

  4. Rescheduling including cancellations, change of venues, change of times or change of days may occur on short notice due to facility closures or special events. While we try to minimize these events they are beyond our control.

  5. Substitute Players:  During the regular season, team’s can use anyone as a player for their team (as long as they have filled out and submitted a Capital Volley waiver form and are 19 years of age). It is expected however that players brought in as substitutes will play at an appropriate skill level for the league. For playoffs however, substitute players must have played in a minimum of 3 regular season games.

  6. League Laddering Policy: The overall objective of league laddering is to ensure teams play against teams of a similar skill level. We re-ladder our league every 4 to 6 weeks and will move 1 to 2 teams up and down from each division depending on the results achieved from the last series of games within the division. The top performing teams within the last series of games will move up to a higher division and the lowest performing teams will move down to a lower division. The last cycle of games in a season before playoffs are used to seed teams for playoffs only, no laddering at this time occurs.

  7. Playoffs: Playoffs are run over a two week period with the top 4 teams in each division playing an elimination round robin. 1st place plays 4th place and 2nd place plays 3rd place. All other teams play “fun” games over the last two weeks of the season.

Inclement Weather Policy
  1. All Capital Volley Games go ahead rain or shine (including Snow). In the event of severe weather (electrical storms etc) games should immediately be stopped and players should take cover away from open spaces. Wait 30 minutes; if the severe weather passes, continue play if the City of Ottawa Beach staff give the ok to continue. If the weather does not stop, take the score at that time, and we will make a determination if the score will count as the final score.  

  2. We cannot control the weather conditions and if games are cancelled due to imclement weather, games will typically not be rescheduled.

  3. In rare cases where the weather is quite severe we may choose to cancel outdoor sports in advance of the start time. In these rare cases we will send an email message indicating the cancellation. If there is no message about a cancellation, then you need to show up at game time to determine whether the game will proceed. If one of two teams does not show up at game time then they will default the match.

Refund and Registration Policy
  1. Team registrations are not considered complete until FULL payment and complete registration information has been received. 

  2. Individual registrations are also not considered complete until FULL payment and complete registration information has been received.  Every attempt will be made to place individual registrants on a team however if Capital Volley is unable to place you on a team, you will receive a full refund within 15 business days from notification.

  3. Teams or individuals requesting a refund up to and including the registration deadline for leagues, tournaments and special events are eligible to receives a refund, less an administrative fee of $10 + HST.

  4. Subsequent to the registration deadline, refunds will not be provided unless an adequate replacement can be found.

  5. Refunds will not be provided to individuals or teams who have been ejected from the league.

  6. An administrative fee of $25.00 + HST will be charged for NSF cheques.