To ensure everyone's safety we are expecting people to act responsibly and abide by Government of Ontario Covid 19 protocols.

Specifically, prior to each game Capital Volley members must self-assess for Covid 19.  We have all seen various forms of these self-assessments and here is a link to the one provided by the Ontario Government:  Coronavirus (COVID-19) self-assessment (  Perhaps a simpler screening is simply this, if you are not feeling well for any reason please do not attend your game until you are feeling symptom free.   

If you have been exposed to Covid 19 here are the Ontario Government Guidelines for what to do: What to do if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 | COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Ontario

Key steps contained in the Government of Ontario Guideline include:

1. Confirm if you need to isolate

2. Get assessed for treatment and test if eligible

3. Inform Others of your exposure - there is a detailed guideline in the above Government of Ontario link but specifically as it relates to Capital Volley, please let Capital Volley and the opposing team know from the prior week's game, if someone on your team tests positive after a game.

Finally, for many there is a traditional practice after a game to shake hands with opposing team members.  We will leave it up to individual teams to decide if they want to carry on this practice or not given the on-going risks related to Covid-19.  Whatever teams decide, please be respectful if teams choose to not shake hands after a game. There are many other ways to show your appreciation to the other team like a verbal thank you for a great game!  

Thank you for your cooperation.

Capital Volley